The Astrology of Perwonality - cover

Dane Rudhyar



Preface to the Third Edition

Prelude to a History of Astrology


First Section

Astrology Faces Modern Thought

 Astrology and Analytical Psychology

Individual, Collective, Creative in the Cyclic Process

 A Key to the Astrological Symbolism

 A Classification of Astrological Viewpoints


Second Section

The Dial of Houses

 The Signs of the Zodiac

 Planets and Personality

 Planetary Interweavings

The Degrees of the Zodiac and the "Sabian" Symbols

 Form and the Pattern of Planetary Aspects

 The Birth-Chart and the Progressions

The Technique of Progressions, Directions and Transits

 Principles of Astrological Interpretation



The Use of Astrology in the Processes of Individuation and Civilization


Dane Rudhyar - smiling


The Astrology of Personality