Dane Rudhyar

"Astrology must be reborn and must perform for our modern world, made chaotic by an unbridled and false individualism and by the sudden opening of psychological dams, the task of practical integration which has always been its own. Wherever the correlated motions of Sun, Moon, planets and stars are used to bring order to the confusion of our everyday world there is astrology. The type and range of the phenomena of nature which astrology correlates, interprets and makes significant in terms of a cosmic principle of Order, change age after age. At first they were physiological and elemental. Now they are to be essentially psychological and mental. But the fundamental work of astrology remains the same. It is to reveal the 'Harmony of the Spheres' at whatever level one's consciousness is centered. It is to carry the symbol of Order wherever humans find chaos. In modern terminology, it is the algebra of life."

The Astrology of Personality was first published in 1936 by Lucis Publishing Company and reissued in 1963 by Servire/Wassenaar, the Netherlands. The Doubleday edition is published by arrangement with the author and the distributor, Shambala Booksellers/Publishers, Berkeley, California.