The Astrological Houses - Cover 

Dane Rudhyar



Why Houses?

The Houses as the Basic Astrological Frame of Reference

The Houses as Fields of Experience 



The First House 

Breathing as the First Act of Individual Existence  

Experiencing Individuality as Isolation or as Distinctness 

Ascendant Sign: A Lens through which the Divine Acts 


The Second House

Experiences of Ownership

Effective Use of One's Birth Potential

An Individual's Possessions in Relation to the Community 


The Third House

The Childhood Environment

The Development of Intelligence

The Search for Knowledge: Purposes and Limitations


The Fourth House

Land, Home, and the Center of the Globe

The Experience of Depth and Inner Foundations

The Integration of the Personality


The Fifth House

Creativity as the Expression of Personal Power

Love Affairs, Gambling, Childbearing: A Look Inside Traditional Meanings

Acting from One's Innermost Nature


The Sixth House

Experiences of Crisis and Personal Readjustment

Discipleship as a Means of Self-Transformation

The Test of Suffering and the Capacity to Serve


The Seventh House

The Development of Cooperation and Sharing

Relationship as Participation in a Greater Whole

Fulfilling Individual Destiny through Partnership


The Eighth House

Death and Regeneration: Identifying with the Seed Process

Ritual as a Way of Strengthening Social Bonds

Trust and Responsibility in Business Relationships


The Ninth House

Exploring Possibilities for Expansion

The Development of Understanding and the Use of Symbols

The Dangers of Over-expansion in Individuals and Society


The Tenth House

Social Position, Prestige and Achievement

The Use and Misuse of Social Power

The Myth of Individual Success


The Eleventh House

The Release of Collective Power through the Individual's Participation in Groups

The Creative Uses of Success and Failure

Rebellion and the Process of Social Change


The Twelfth House

Closing a Cycle of Human Experience

Preparation for a Rebirth

Finding the Courage to Let Go of the Past


The Three-level Cycle of Individual Experiences



The Four Angles and Their Zodiacal Polarities

The Planets in the Twelve Houses




The Astrological Houses