Dane Rudhyar

One of the most popular of Dane Rudhyar's works, The Astrological Houses is a classic of modern astrology that has sold over 100,000 copies and has been translated into many languages. It is required reading for every student of astrology seeking to understand the deeper meanings of the twelve houses, a subject treated only superficially in many introductory books.

Among Dane Rudhyar's vast astrological writings, this book is one of the most accessible and practical, hence especially appropriate for beginning and intermediate students. For example, in addition to an extensive discussion of each house's meaning, The Astrological Houses includes:

*Interpreting guidelines for each of the planets in each house

*Explanations of all the sign pairs on the Ascendant and Descendant, crucial factors in every chart but only rarely mentioned in other books

*An exploration of the entire circle of houses as a complete cycle of individual experience

Dane Rudhyar is regarded as one of the most creative men of his generation, excelling in music, philosophy, psychology, and astrology. His innovative writings have revitalized an outdated astrology and reformulated astrological traditions in a modern way that can help individuals be more in tune with cosmic cycles and their own deeper potential. Perhaps most importantly, he has clarified the basic principles involved in the constructive use of  birth charts, giving astrology a new psychological and philosophical sophistication. He is internationally recognized as the foremost pioneer of modern, person-centered astrology.


The Astrological Houses