Astrology and the Modern Psyche - Cover 

Dane Rudhyar


An Astrologer Looks at Depth Psychology



Depth Psychology and It's Pioneers

Freud and Depth Psychology

Alfred Adler and the Psychology of Individual Overcoming

Carl G. Jung and the Positive Approach to the Unconscious

Jung's Approach to Personality and the Astrological Way to Self-Realization

The Anima and Animus in Jungian Analysis and the Moon-Symbol in Astrology

Carl Jung's Birthchart


Beyond Depth Psychology

Fritz Kunkel and the We Psychology

Jacob L. Moreno and Psychodrama

Roberto Assagioli and Psychosynthesis

What is the Self?

The Self: An Astrological Key to an Integral Psychology

The Astro-Psychological Approach to Self-Education: The Way of Chela-ship

The Astro-Psychological Approach to Self-Education: and its Dangers

The Psychological Approach to Self-Education: From the Greater to the Lesser Whole


Astro-Psychological Vistas

Astrology Psychoanalyzed

Sex Factors in Personality

The Mysteries of Sleep and Dreams (No File)

Great Turning Points in a Human Life

Meeting Crises Successfully: Life in the Psychological Century

The Astrologer's Role as a Consultant


Astrology and the Modern Psyche