Dane Rudhyar

This unique book provides a rare perspective on the development of both modern astrology and modern psychology and on their increasingly dynamic relationship. It deals with the fundamental issues of astrological psychology in a way that makes it required reading for students of this exciting field. Especially valuable is the astrological discussion of Depth-Psychology's pioneers with special emphasis on Jung's concepts. In addition, the sections on the astrologer's role as a consultant and on astrology as an aid to self- development make this book immediately useful for all students of astrology.


Reviewers' comments on Astrology & the Modern Psyche:

"This is a book filled with wisdom, depth and a special understanding of the connections between the cosmic and the inner being. It is not a book to read once and put aside; rather it is to be read and absorbed, discussed, and applied. . . important reading."

Lore Wallace, Astrology Now

". . . a particularly unbiased vantage point outside of  academic prejudices or passing fashions. . . . This book is a find. . ."

Select Press Review

"Astrology and the Modern Psyche comes highly recommended. It is rich in astrological information. . . ."


" penetrating, . . may be the very best of all his many published works."

Stellium Quarterly

Dane Rudhyar is increasingly regarded as one of the most creative men of his generation, excelling in philosophy, psychology, and the arts, as well as in astrology. Born in 1895, he lived through and actively participated in the modernization of both psychology and astrology. Beginning in the 1930's, his innovative writings began to revitalize an outdated astrology, and he is now regarded as the foremost pioneer of modern, person-centered astrology.


Astrology & the Modern Psyche