Dane Rudhyar




The Philosophy of Operative Wholeness

Prelude to a New Interpretation of Reality

The Search for Spiritual Security: The One, the Whole and Wholeness

The Movement of Wholeness

The Cycle of Being

The Structure of the Cycle of Being

The Four Crucial Phases of the Cycle of Being

The Inevitability of Success and Failure

Spirit and Mind

The Cycle of Man

Constitution of Man - The Physical and Psychic Bodies

Constitution of Man - The Spiritual Entity and the Higher Mind

The Structure and Transformation of the Total Person

The Cyclic Process of Spiritual Embodiment

In The Spirit of Wholeness

The Principle of Holarchy and the Interplay

of Horizontal and Vertical Relationships

Transpersonal Activity versus Mediumship

Rites of Passage



Rhythm of Wholeness