Dane Rudhyar pioneered an entirely new approach to Astrology, reformulating it with a holistic, psychological and spiritual dimension. Unprecedented in its content. Person Centered Astrology encapsulates the scope and breadth of his astrological thinking into six essays covering: Astrology In New Age Guidance; Event Oriented vs. Person Centered; Astrology As Karma Yoga; Planetary Patterns; Planetary & Lunar Nodes; Aspect Patterns; The Moment of Interpretation; and Birth Charts As A Whole.

Sample horoscopes of well known people, Assagioli, Freud, Nietzche and others illustrate clearly the techniques described. Two complete detailed case histories are given, enabling the reader to concretely experience Rudhyar's holistic approach in action.

Person Centered Astrology represents the harvest of Rudhyar's innovative astrological and philosophical thinking, practically applied to individual birth-charts.

Person Centered Astrology deals with Rudhyar's vision of what the cosmic craft essentially is and should be - a tool to help individual persons discover and gradually actualize and fulfill, in the best possible way, the potentialities inherent in their total being.' It's a wonderful and fascinating book, I give it my highest recommendation."

Richard Nolle, Horoscope Magazine