Person-Centered Astrology - Cover 

Dane Rudhyar




Astrology for New Minds

Astrology for New Minds

Astrology in the Archaic Ages

What is Astrology For?

The Event-Oriented Environmental Approach

The Person-Centered, Harmonic Approach

Will and the Self-Maintaining Power of Form


The Astrology of Self-Actualization and the New Morality

Event-Oriented and Person-Centered Astrology

Astrology as a Discipline of Mind

Astrology as Karma Yoga

The New Morality


Form in Astrological Space and Time

What is Form?

The Basic Structure of Cyclic Processes

The Aspects Formed During the Hemicycle of Spontaneous and Instinctual Action

The Geometrical Principle of Formation of Aspects


First Steps in the Study of Birth Charts

The "Signature" of the Whole Person

Planetary Patterns

The Moment of Interpretation


The Planetary and Lunar Nodes

Orbital Astrology and the Nodes

The Latitude Cycle

The Moon's Nodes in a Birth-Chart

The Moon's Nodes Cycle

The Planets and the Nodes


Interpreting a Birth Chart as a Whole

Preliminary Considerations

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Birth-Chart

A Young Man's Chart




Person Centered Astrology