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When approaching a birth-chart, an astrologer must seek to understand not only the unique destiny of the person, but also how that destiny will fit into the social context existing at that person’s birth and during their formative years. No one is born into a vacuum. At birth an individual enters a complete social environment; they become not only a member of a family, but also a participant in a community and society. Their identity, and also their social destiny, will be shaped by the cultural, economic, political and religious values of that environment. These influences, either subtle or pronounced, communicate to the emerging individual the kind of social participation expected of them. To understand how an individual will react to these influences, an astrologer must look first to the planets Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn indicates how that person should envision their place within the family, community and country, while Jupiter shows how they will participate in that family, community or country. Saturn describes where the person belongs, the kind of environment and activity that correspond to their individual limitations and gifts. Jupiter shows the feelings of social participation or devotional aspiration which the person has toward the people with whom they must live. Together these two planets indicate the individuals most natural way of adjusting themselves to the activities of their family, social or professional group and society. At every moment Saturn consolidates and makes concrete the type and quality of social participation envisioned by Jupiter. It follows therefore that the phase of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle at which an individual is born will show basic attitudes toward their place and participation in society. It also indicates possibilities for change in one's social position, professionally, politically or religiously. Therefore, the astrologer must study the transit cycles established by the successive conjunctions of these two planets every twenty years. The natal Jupiter-Saturn determines the ages at which a person will experience the transiting Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions during their lifetime. These must always be considered in terms of the Age Factor (see Chapter 2), since the impact of these conjunctions is totally different at different times in the life. For example, if a person is born during the waning phase of this cycle, they will experience their first first conjunction when still a child. The transiting conjunctions offer basic opportunities to develop a a more constructive and fruitful social sense, and to participate with any person or group in a mutually beneficial way. Such changes in one's social sense are psychologically necessary in every life, and the transiting conjunctions to the natal chart show the extent to which a person has truly made use of the opportunities life has presented to him. If one is living purposefully, then each conjunction should reveal a change in their social sense, in the way they relate to other people in a social context. In those cases where an individual has failed to make use of the opportunities of the last Jupiter-Saturn cycle, the conjunctions position in relation to the natal chart can show the astrologer the causes of the resulting frustration, feelings of guilt or social defeat. When an individual is thus able to see the root-cause of their failure and take resposibility for it, rather than blaming it on chance, they will be able to take destiny into their own hands and make their own luck. A word of warning must be interjected here. According to the humanistic point of view, astrological symbols point to potential opportunities and not to outer facts. Nothing extraordinary need happen at the time of a critical phase in any planetary cycle. These cycles refer to processes of psychological growth, rather than changes in one's material fortunes.. The conjunctions, squares and oppositions of transiting Jupiter to transiting Saturn, as they relate to the natal chart, bring to a focus a definite phase in a process of transition, development and fulfillment (or of disintegration) of the individual's manner of relating to his community. The astrology cannot know in advance whether a specific person will respond to this negatively or positively. A negative response to the challenge of the conjunction can lead to a second crisis at the time of the opposition, making it necessary to change in some objective way and in clear consciousness of what was not done earlier. The oppostion will then show that the crisis is in reality a challenge to bring about the changes in one's social behaviour which the individual refused to do at the time of the conjunction. The natal position of Jupiter and Saturn show the particular phase of the relationship between these two planets, whose cycle began with the conjunction which occured before birth. Since the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn correspond to new social trends and family patterns, they will inevitably effect persons born later in the cycle whern those trends have taken a more concrete form. For this reason it often happens, especially when birth occurs during "critical phases" in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, that one's social adjustments are deviated and frustrated by external events or trends which began some time prior to birth. People do not become neurotic or maladjusted all by themselves. The relations which they seek to establish, and especially those which they fail to establish with other people and with the activities of their comunity, are equally responsible. Finally, the state of society and the prevailing social norms that must be adjusted to are important factors. The humanistic astrologer must take these facts into account when trying to understand the Jupiter-Saturn transits. The complexity and rate of change of today's societies make it impossible to give a set astrological formula and an invariable technique for the interpretation of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle. However, a study of the conjunctions, squares and oppositions during this cycle in their relation to the natal chart, especially during the part of life already lived, will give to the psychologically oriented astrologer extremely revealing date. Although twenty years elapse between on conjunction and the next, the basic rhythm of the Jupiter-Saturn relationship is, according to Rudhyar a 60-year rhythm, since every third conjunction usually takes place in the same zodiacal Sign. For example, in 1842 the conjunction was at 9 Capricorn, the 1901 conjunction was at 14 Capricorn and the 1961 conjunction at 25 Capricorn. During an average life-span Jupiter and Saturn can be said to "return" three times to the same aspect or phase relationship they had at birth. Of these three "returns", the third repetition is th most important because, when it occurs at age 59, each planet also returns to the zodiacal position it occupied at birth. At this time, therefore, a person's entire social sense can be completely renewed or more strongly reaffirmed, and they have the opportunity to relate in a more significant manner to the social activities of their community. Although the cycles established by the successive conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn are particularly significant for people who have a public destiny or who assume important social responsibilities, they can also be significant for others; for any person capable of realizing suddenly that he or she could live a socially more significant life. The time when an individual first becomes aware of the role they could potentially play in society generally coincides with a major phase of the transiting Jupiter-Saturn cycle provided that this phase contacts the natal chart in a significant manner. Although people who have already assumed some important political function are more acutely tuned in to changes in the Jupiter-Saturn transit cycle, mainly because their natal charts reveal strong Jupiter-Saturn activity, the ordinary person can make simpler and more persoanl changes at the time of the major phases of the cycle. Everyone will find it necessary at some time in their life to adjust in a new way to their social environment, to make important changes of attitude or profession, or to make a new start at the close of an old cycle of activity. At such times the astrologer must look to the Jupiter-Saturn cycle in order to understand better what is involved in such changes. The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction These conjunctions begin new cycles of development in an individual's approach to the life-long problem of effectively relating their conscious ego (Saturn) to the social activities of their community. When the birth hour is know a personalized meaning can be given to these conjunctions according to the natal House in which the conjunction falls. In cases of an unknow birthtime, the solar House can also give valid, although less individualized indications; it will be of a more external nature and must be referred to what the natal Sun represents, the vitality and basic soul purpose of the individual. If understood in this way, the solar House position of any transiting planet can give pertinent information which will complement the indications furnished by the natal House position. The transiting Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occuring during the 20th Century are: 1901 Capricorn 14 1921 Virgo 27 1940-41 Taurus 14, 12, 9 1961 Capricon 25 1981 Libra 9 2000 Taurus 23 The 1940-1 CONJUNCTIONS reached their oppositon phase in April, 1951 in Pisces-Virgo 28; in October 1951 in Aries-Libra 8; and for a third time in February 1952 in Aries-Libra 15. The following waning square phase was exact in August 1955 in Leo-Scorpio 16, and again in June 1956 in Leo-Scorpio 28. The 1961 CONJUNCTION reached the waxing square in July 1965 in Gemini-Pisces 18. The opposition occured on December 31, 1969 in Scorpio-Taurus 3; again in March 1970 in Scorpio-Taurus 6; and for a third and final time in November 1970 in Scorpio-Taurus 19. The waning square was exact on June 4, 1975 in Aries-Cancer 18; July 29, 1975 in Aries-Cancer 25; and for a third time on March 10, 1976 in Aries-Cancer 27. The 1981 CONJUNCTION will reach its waxing square in Pisces-Sagittarius 9 in April 1986, and the opposition in 1989-90 in Cancer-Capricorn 10 and 22. The waning square will occur in 1995 in February-March in Sagittarius-Pisces 14, and in November in Sagittarius-Pisces 18. In order to give these phases a more concrete meaning, they should be applied to one's own natal chart. In the 1st House the individual may react in a very personal way to whatever challenges come at the beginning of the new social-political-economic cycle. They have to discover and bring to a clearer focus of consciousness what they potentially are as an individual ego. The best way to accomplish this will be through utilizing the very pressure that social conditions of the moment exert on them. In the 2nd House this conjunction challenges one to gain a new perspective on the use they make of their inherited or acquired social and cultural gifts. It will become increasingly more important, as the Jupiter-Saturn cycle evolves, to make concrete and workable what one has to give to society as an individual. One must use their inborn muscular strength, their mental abilities and intuitions, and also their social position, to enter into more fruitful relationships with other people. In the 3rd House the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction challenges one to use whatever social sense they have in a new and better way in their daily contacts with their environment. This means that one should now try to live according to some well-defined social and cultural purpose through which they can demonstrate concretely what they are. They must also be as practical as possible at this time. In the 4th House the challenge of the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle is focused on one's home life and one's ability to make concrete in their everyday personality whatever vison and understanding they may have of the larger, social realities of life. It may be necessary in the coming years to put down new roots and to find a greater stability in one's social or professional life. In the 5th House this conjunction will find the individual asked by society, and by their own inner destiny, to creatively contribute something new to their community. Having been born in their particular circumstances has a purpose which the social pressures or challenges of the present time may reveal more clearly, specifically in terms of the faculties or powers necessary to the outer realization of this purpose. One should give freely of themselves as an inspirer and educator. In the 6th House the challenge of the new social, cultural and religious cycle is directed toward a person's capacity for service, endurance and self-discipline. They may have to learn new techniques in order to meet the needs of the times. This House shows one's basic response to the social situations in which they find themselves. Some facets of this response may have to be transformed so that the contribution they make to the productivity and growth of the community may have positive results. In the 7th House one begins a period in which the challenge is to gain a new sense of human relationship and of the value of one's community participation. The 7th House is the foundation and testing-ground for all future public, professional or socio-cultural acheivement. Therefore, one should try now to orient their interpersonal relationships so that there may be an effective, significant and creative participation between partners in the work of the world. One should make certain that their relationships are not selfish and isolationistic. In the 8th House the social challenge to an individual is self-regeneration. This may affect the awaited results of one's established partnerships, whether it be marriage, business relationships or group contacts. One has a chance now to review their habitual instinctual-emotional and social-cultural patterns of activity, feeliing and thought in their relationshis, and to change the purpose of such relationships. In the 9th House the new Jupiter-Saturn conjunction can bring problems of social adjustment and also lead to greater awareness in the field of abstract thinking, philosophy and religion. One is now asked by life to make a determined effort to grow spiritually beyond their existing limitations. To do this a person must be ready to assimilate many things which are unfamiliar to them. They must also be willing to include in their world outlook ideas which up to now have seemed alien, disturbing perhaps unusable. In the 10th House the challenge of the new cycle can bring opportunities affecting one's professional life and social status. These may involve changes in the way one assumes and discharges responsibility. Decisions can now make or mar one's power as a social or a professional leader - "by your fruits shall you be judged." Since this is the time to ask oneself how they would like to be judged by society and posterity, they should determine exactly what they are ready and emotionally free to do with their professional, social, cultural and religious abilities. In the 11th House the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle can provide one with opportunity to change their ideals and to gain perspective on social processes or functions which interest them. The individual must be ready to associate spontaneously with others who could help them to realize such changes. Ones's recent social success or failure can lead to a new creative departure, provided they have not identified themselves too closely with the struggle for achievement. In any case, the way in which one now uses the experiences and the energies born of their professional or public activity will prove their true worth as an individual. In the 12th House the new adjustment to social realities has to be make as "last look" at an ending phase of personal experience. Something has come to an seed from one's ancestral, social, cultural or religious past (one's individual karma). The challenge now is for a person to extract from this seed the foundation for a new life, for the new cycle that confronts them. It also means having the courage to repudiate the ghosts of the past cycle. A social crisis now is the outcome of the way in which one has worked out their relationship to their family and community. It is a transition between what one must face up to, out of the past, and the call for a new beginning. The Opposition Phase The Opposition Phase in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle will bring to a climax, fulfillment or critical confrontation whatever was started at the time of the conjunction. This will be followed by slow disintegration and will relate specifically to the natal House in which the conjunction fell. In regard to one's attitude toward social, cultural and religious matters, anything begun at the time of the conjunction which is a constructive departure from one's old pattern will bear fruit at the opposition. The type of fulfillment will be suggested by the Houses of the birth-chart in which the opposition of Jupiter to Saturn falls. The Jupiter-Saturn Square Since this book is being written during the waning square of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, it seems appropriate to discuss this phase of the cycle in detail, especially as it relates to the individual birth-chart. This waning square brings to the fore the necessity for self-criticism, as well as a general tendency to criticize society, the government, national institutions, economic trends and all authority figures. This comes as a result of experiences occuring after the opposition of these two planets, the most recent being between December 1969 and June 1971. Since the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle has been rather negative due to a widespread tendency toward over-production, the social awareness of which our current social behaviour is based is at a critical phase. Many wasteful habits are now being questioned as the cost becomes increasingly difficult for the average person to bear. At the same time there is a inner challenge to understand the social implication of this glut of over-production, over-expansion and over-indulgence. It has become a time to assessthe true value of technology, the golden calf of the 20th Century. Out of this self-criticism should come a reorientation of the relationship of the individual (individual comforts) to society (the needs of the greater community) which can potentially lead to a new beginning in 1981. Of the two planets, Jupiter is the faster moving, more positive, activity-initiating planet. It is therefore the challenger in this cycle. The natal (or solar) House containing transiting Jupiter and the natal planets which Jupiter activates constitute the dynamic focus of the challenge to one's persoanl growth. Jupiter describes the basic social problems facing the individual at the time of the square (waning and waxing) in this cyclic relationship. Jupiter in the 1st House - Saturn in the 4th House. This is a period of spiritual testing, a crisis of growth which strains one's relation to their society. One will have to determine where they stand socially and individually as well. There will be a need to balance individualism and conservatism, to expand within and to solidify the position without. This can be a period of great self-realization, especially in the development of one's self-reliance. There should be a practical inspiration challenging one to build their personality anew on the foundation of one's personal beliefs. At home one should themselves, yet with gentleness, not allowing the conservative side of one's nature or parental influence to dominate their life and hold them back. It is not that a person will lack individual power at this time - if anything, the individual approach to life will be too dominant. However it is not free, conditioned as it may be by a sense of fatality or by moral precepts. Jupiter in the 2nd House - Saturn in the 5th House. Here one is tested by life at perhaps their weakest point, their sense of possessions. Financial problems may arise and force one to be practical and to use common sense in all matters. It may also be that a person has spent too much in order to please a loved one, or becomes emotionally indignant at the treatment they fancy themselves receiving. Financial worries should not be allowed to get one down. This is the time to develop one's latent powers, to make the most of heredity or accumulated possessions. Care should be taken, however, not to squander one's assets, even though one may have to use much of their capital to meet speculation losses. Whatever happens in a material sense, it may be difficult to bear the emotional stress and strain of a sharp readjustment of financial or ancestral values. Jupiter in the 3rd House - Saturn in the 6th House. A sharp examination of one's intellectual values is indicated at this time. This may involve strenuous work, the demands of which may lead to a complete immolation of Self in service. This is a great test, and some sort of conversion may be indicated. The challenge is to face the new unswervingly. Health may be a consideration and should be watched, especially one's psychological health. Difficulties with one's relatives or within one's immediate environment may arise, and meeting them will test one's will and patience. One should be extremely careful of the letters that they write at this time. If it is necessary to write, one should be aware of a tendency to over-commit oneself or to make overly optimistic promises. These could possibly endanger one's job or position. This, above all, is not the time to allow one's judgement to be swayed by subjective considerations. Jupiter in the 4th House - Saturn in the 7th House. The difficulties and tests in evidence here may result from a strong arousal of one's personal feelings, primarily in relation to one's life partner. Additionally, there is the more general difficulty of meeting the outside world and its standards of behavior. One should to remain as emotionally poised as possible for outbursts, or effusiveness may be met with coldness or unresponsiveness from those they love. This situation requires strength of character, the capacity to stand firm. Some will achieve a relative mastery of their fate while others may fall apart. Cheer up and take things easy is the best advice. Jupiter in the 5th House - Saturn in the 8th House. At this time a person my be extremely agitated and emotionally upset. One shoud be cautious of lawsuits, contests of wills, inheritances, and all business deals in general, and not take for granted any rights they feel they have. One would be well advised NOT to speculate, as pride may lead one to fly off on inflated ventures. If one has speculated and did not let go in time, there may be difficulties during this transit. Business partners can be a bit sour and may tend to curb, rather nastily, one's further efforts at investing or expanding through forceful action. They may not be right in their attitude, but that will not deter the strength of their antagonism. However, giving free rein to self-rightous indignation can be dangerous. This transit is a time to learn about one's own emotions, about what is and what is not spiritual, and to relax one's own shows of self-assurance. Jupiter in the 6th House - Saturn in the 9th House. All attempts at personal expansion are to be discouraged at this time. The sobering discipline of service is now the order of the day, and any flight from the mundane realities of day-by-day living will bring trials and sorrow. One must be practical both in their flights of imagination and their estimation of just how much work they are capable of performing. Some people may experience either an intensification of their devotional nature or be severly tested in their loyalties to a cause or a personality whom they have taken for an ideal. It may be through pride that one feels ready to throw overboard all sense of devotion or subservience to others, and to assert themselves as a leader. This may be good, but only if done rationally and within the boundaries of common sense. Emotional stress may tell upon one's physical health, and some people may indulge in self-displays which could, in extreme cases, verge on paranoia. During this transit one should keep faith and cheerfulness and know that self-abnegation is the key to success. Jupiter in the 7th House - Saturn in the 10th House. An emotional storm may erupt at this time affecting one's marriage or close relationships. One's public or professional life may also be shaken. Care should be taken in all partnerships, and especially in one's conrtacts with people in authority. Whatever happens must be seen as a psychological test. It may be that one's professional, spiritual or social ambition is tearing them from loved ones and is causing trials in one's interpersonal relationships. At this time care must be taken not to sacrifice too much due to one's ambition. On the other hand professional difficulties may be due to one's having lost themselves in their own conjugal bliss. A recent intimate relationship may have led to a reconsideration of their professional activities and as a result, one is now faced with difficult problems. Jupiter in the 8th House - Saturn in the 11th House. One must watch their business associates every moment during this transit and not trust anyone too much. Conservative advisors or friends may be against ones's expansive business moves. It is important not to let outworn, traditional ideals or prejudices hamper one's social opportunities, yet one must be cautious since contracts and agreements can be unsound. Subtle tests occur in one's business life, and one should rely primarily on one's own judgement. Here the worth of one's ideals is challenged through the need for making them concrete realities, and one must now incorporate them as practical ideals of living. This situation may make a person restless, and they will have to consciously relax to remain emotionally steady in their relaltionships with friends, advisors or business partners. This is no time to become involved with occult groups or spiritualistic seances. Jupiter in the 9th House - Saturn in the 12th House. This may be a period of ruthless reformation, a "holy war" within one's inner nature. In such a crisis one must become a focal point for the power and the ideals of their social group or nation. The karma of the group or nation may be upon one's own shoulders; therefore, living up to what is demanded of one will be a great test. An individual must mobilize all their inner resources and use their understanding of life to the utmost. In some cases a trend toward long journeys develops which may be essentially fortunate; however, much can happen during such a trip and one must be careful not to land in dangerous places which could lead to confinement. Psychological difficulties can become prominent because of a wrong understanding of religious matters. At this time, one should not lay too much store in dreams and omens, or in so-called messages from the "masters". This is a time to conquer spiritual pride. It would be well to examine immediate situations carefully, and not jump into anything which might destroy the spiritual or social gains possible. Jupiter in the 10th House - Saturn in the 1st House. This situation often revolves around an ever increasing demand made upon the individual by their profession or by society in general. It is a test of power and responsibility. Can a person, by rallying to the task, meet the demands of the group? One may be ready to try, even though they feel weighed down by the task. This confrontation will require having to watch one's public standing carefully. Either one's sense of professional responsibilty is already great, or they will realize that public matters need more of their attention. One must be careful at this time not to let mental strain get the better of one's health. In other cases, the great task now seems to be that of active participation in social or religious movements, or in some cause wherein the individual has authority. One's physical and psychological past has led them to their decision of self-renunciation and utter consecration to that which is supra-personal. If one refuses now, and if they cling to the narrow limits of their conscious egoism, they will be shattered. Safety is to be found in losing oneself so that they might find greater SELF in which alone they will discover security and inner peace. One must not be afraid. They should mobilize all their energies for extreme social exertion, shatter their own self-centeredness, and put all their powers at the service of a cause. Jupiter in the 11th House - Saturn in the 2nd House. This transit indicates a spiritual test in which one's ideals will confront one's inherited nature. An individual will have to make a difficult decision which may be a turning-point on one's life. One must face the issue, alone if need be , for friends and advisors are not likely to help. It is important to hold oneself steady and not to force any social issues at this time, as one can lose financially and morally by doing so. In some cases, financial difficulties involving friends or social organizations may come to a climax. One may have to spend money to save, or to please, friends and to maintain one's social position. This can be especially true if one is involved in responsibilities relating to clubs, fraternal or humanitarian organizations and the like. One may have to choose between wealth and ideals, although the latter will seem more valuable just now. Those who were enthusiastic about backing on may not be able to assume their own share of obligations. Controversies and tests of patience or endurance are therefore likely in these areas. Jupiter in the 12th House - Saturn in the 3rd House. This may not be an easy time. For example, one may meet trials through relatives and neighbors. It will be necessary to remain serene and to use common sense to solve one's problems. Neighbors or relative are not necessarily negative factors in the situation. If in trouble, one may be able to fall back on them, or at least receive their sound advice and perhaps an equally valuable dressing down for one's past behaviour. The intensity of living may cause mental fatigue at this time, and one must therefore learn to relax. Mental instability can also cause severe tests of one's capacity to meet some binding condition in the environment. If a person has thought and acted wisely in the past, they may be able to realize previously unconscious ideas or hopes. One should therefore concentrate on form, and try to see the pattern behind all changing appearances. mindfirelogo