Dane Rudhyar

Leyla Rael


In Astrological Aspects: A Process Oriented Approach Dane Rudhyar's expansive vision finds its ideal complement in Leyla Rael's straightforward formulation and clear applications. Together they have outlined a cyclic dynamic approach to aspects which goes far beyond the static, cookbook tabulations so prevalent today. Their approach provides the foundation for a meaning-revealing "chart interpretation" and inspiring "life interpretation." 

Included in this holistic textbook are chapters on retrogradation; rectangular and triangular aspect patterns, seeing the horoscope intuitively as a whole, Yods, an explanation of three types of every planetary aspect, and more, examined, step by step, in depth, with particular emphasis on examples and practical applications. Astrological Aspects is truly a key to holistic astrological understanding, to read for enjoyment, study for lasting Insight, and keep for future reference.    


    "If we understand the archetypal pattern of any cycle of relationship between two interacting entities, we have an instrument of universal validity that can be applied at any level of existence and consciousness."


Astrological Aspects