Venus is the second sphere through which solar power passes on its way outward through the solar system. Yet from our point of view on earth, Venus is the first planet on the inside of our orbit going towards the sun. As such Venus represents the drive inward toward center, which meets the out-surging solar flow.

While Mercury represents meeting experience at the level of the mind, Venus refers to the inner value we give experience at the feeling-level. It is often said that Venus is the planet of love and attraction, but it can just as well be the planet of hate and repulsion, according to the inner value we give to certain experiences. Venus' loves and aversions draw us into some experiences, and pull us away from others. Those we enter into provide the substance for our inner growth and fulfillment.

Ideally, Venus represents harmony, for if we are attuned with our inner being, we naturally attract what will help develop and fulfill us. This meshing of a need with what will answer it is the true harmony Venus symbolizes. Venus can thus be a symbol of all harmonious relationships, of beauty, and of our need to give and receive appreciation.

But when the Venus function becomes deviated by insecurity, it can negatively refer to self-indulgence, narcissism, inappropriate emotional frivolity and unrealistic demands for love or luxury.


Leyla Rael



Keynote: Devotion is expressed through sacrificial service.  

Symbol: A nurse massages a patient's feet.

Pisces brings out the best in Venus. It elevates and refines the sentiments and gives a capacity for humble, self-abnegating cooperation. People born with this combination are endowed with a profound appreciation of beauty, but the art most valued is the art of loving.

Less voluptuous than the earthy Venusians of Taurus and less contriving than the socially ambitious Venusians of Libra, their emotions are tender and solicitous. They are more vulnerable to hurt, but the suffering they endure is often a purifying force in their lives and may be transmuted into sympathetic understanding of the woes of others. Their willingness to be helpful is seldom confined to family and friends but diffuses into a general compassion for all who are in distress.

Venusian Pisceans are particularly fond of music. Even when they do not produce it themselves they are strongly affected by the moods music creates. They also have a fondness for art, poetry, and dancing, especially the ballet.

If a capacity for discipline is not shown elsewhere in the chart, this proclivity to be emotionally swayed may give way to maudlin sentimentality, as though the Piscean waters were melting the practicality of Venus into a shapeless slush.

In matters of love such individuals may be too easygoing and submissive, yielding to inveiglement when a firm stand would be better for all concerned. Venus in Neptune's sign would never be deliberately hurtful, but it can be muddlesome owing to deviousness and an inability to face facts.

People with Venus in Pisces believe that marriages are made in heaven, and idealize their partners. They cannot live for themselves alone but want to share their pleasures with an appreciative companion from whose reactions they derive a vicarious satisfaction. Their eagerness to merge their personality with that of their loved one in a romanticized relationship may induce them to sacrifice their own best interests for an insubstantial dream.

There may be times when these tenderhearted people should be prodded into standing up for their rights, even if it involves saying "no" to a friend, relative, or spouse. Otherwise, an unconscious resentment against those who draw unduly upon their time and resources may build up beneath a facade of charity or devotion and lead to a vicious circle of guilt and atonement. Although there is always a possibility of neurotic self-denial, Venus is sufficiently well-placed in Pisces to confer a genuine desire to be of assistance.

From a metaphysical viewpoint, the exaltation of Venus in Pisces shows that love is the final goal of the evolutionary process. The journey of Venus through the zodiac gives a marvelous symbolic picture of the soul's circuitous passage through the signs, as it endeavors first to engross itself in the material world and then to extricate itself.

Venus starts out in detriment in Aries, where Saturn in its fall represents the original fall of man as related in myth and legend. Then, in Taurus, Venus appears as the alluring earth-goddess of love whose arousal of instinctive desires provides the incentive for further progress. In the positive, Venus-ruled sign Libra, love becomes more intellectualized and socially oriented. The exaltation of Saturn in Libra renders the process lawful, as desire based on the fluctuating rhythms of nature is bonded into the enduring structure of the marriage relationship. Here, the exalted Saturn limits and disciplines the passions in order that their autochthonous forces may be channeled into conventionally acceptable alliances. Finally, in Pisces, Venus is exalted. The work of Saturn has ended, and there supervenes the sacrificial (or sacred) love of Neptune, planet of transcendence.

The Venusian Piscean is completing one stage of their earthly journey. They may have other rounds to travel, but at this point they should be capable of experiencing some measure of the reverence for life which is the seed of the divine compassion by whose grace Matter is redeemed and made to shine from within.  


Sun in Capricorn / Venus in Pisces

This warms the Capricorn heart and softens the attitude towards partners. Social climbing is less pronounced, and time will be spent enjoying relationships and children, rather than worrying about material matters.

Capricorn characteristics will counter the gullible emotion of Pisces, adding common sense to the extreme fluidity of the Piscean emotion.

Here is a practical and sympathetic friend. In financial affairs, and particularly investments, the intuition should be followed.  


Sun in Aquarius / Venus in Pisces

This adds to the kind, humanitarian and charitable qualities of Aquarius and warms the emotions, making the subject more responsive and less distant. Emotional involvement is increased, yet Piscean emotion will blend with Aquarian independence. This is an understanding and sympathetic friend.

Money can be handled badly. Professional help is advised.  


Sun in Pisces / Venus in Pisces

There is a great deal that is beautiful about this placing, but you must realize that your emotions can dominate all too easily.

Too much kindness and sympathy may exist, plus a tendency to become a doormat. Sacrifices may be made to your considerable detriment.

All indications described for Venus in Pisces will apply very strongly.

Financial problems can occur through excessive generosity.  


Sun in Aries / Venus in Pisces

Here the fire and water emotions are combined, but the fire of Aries gives a natural assertiveness so that inner strength will be added to warmth, kindness and passion. The placing softens the selfishness of Aries and adds understanding and sympathy.

There is great sexual exuberance, making for an enthusiastic partner. Both partners and friends will be given positive encouragement.

An overly enterprising spirit can sometimes harm moneymaking ideas.


Sun in Taurus / Venus in Pisces

This is a delightful combination, giving a gentle but nonetheless deep and meaningful expression of feelings.

Taurean possessiveness is less likely to be a stumbling block, but emotional security is important.

The emotion of Venus is controlled creating an individual who is a very caring, passionate and sensual lover.

Too much money can be spent on creature comforts.


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