Neptune's is the second sphere or step in the process of going beyond Saturn. While Uranus may represent an opportunity to go beyond convention, Neptune refers to the almost bewildering array of new possibilities we encounter once we have. The new circumstances Neptune symbolizes are those of a realm of universality, where all forces, things and acts are interrelated and interconnected.

Neptune's is thus the sphere where what to us is non-ordinary consciousness operates, a realm of psychic phenomena or of 'altered states.' These may be spontaneous, sought after by years of preparation, or merely drug-induced. In contrast to daily reality, the realm of Neptune may seem either unreal and illusionary or 'realer than real.' This is the source of Neptune's association with confusion and deception. Of course one may be confused when experiencing an utterly new and unfamiliar realm in which things may not be what they seem...

But the real danger with Neptune is self-deception, of seeing and believing what we desperately want to be so, rather than accepting as valid - at least for ourselves and for the time being - whatever our deepest feelings and intuition honestly know.

Neptune operates most positively when we allow the experiences it brings to de-condition our minds and habitual responses from taking things for granted. Then, in a new light, we may intuit a more compelling, transcendent set of truths, and experience ourselves more fully as manifestations of universal love.


Leyla Rael



Neptune, the second of the “modern planets, takes 146 years to complete its journey around the Sun and through all 12 signs of the zodiac, staying in each for about 14 years. Neptune works on two levels. Its influence as it travels through the sky is on everyday life, but it also emerges as a mass influence on the lifestyles of people born into each of its generations.

Here is the first modern generation seriously to criticize accepted religious beliefs. Neptune, ruler of Pisces - a sign closely linked with Christianity - was at this time traveling through Virgo, which is Pisces' polar sign. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is analytical and critical.

One of the most interesting generation influences of this planet is that at precisely the time Neptune first entered Virgo, the cinema, which had until then been silent, discovered sound. (Remember that Mercury is the planet that rules communications.) In general, people enjoyed greater and easier communication and the medium of radio also increased this.

If Neptune is personalized or Virgo is a prominent sign in the birth chart, the imagination is stimulated and can be expressed well (perhaps through literary work). Since Virgo is an earth sign, the subject may also have a flair for horticulture.

At worst, Neptune in Virgo tends to lower the self-confidence, since the subject's critical faculty can undermine his or her belief in what is achieved, and this can result in a lack of inner fulfillment. Discontent and restlessness may also be present, especially if these tendencies are indicated in other areas of the chart.


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