Where the face of the Earth is turned away from the light of the Sun, there the Moon shines, reminding us of solar purpose by brilliantly reflecting the Sun's light. The Moon moves about 12 or 13 times faster than the Sun; it travels through the zodiac once every 27 and 1/3 days. The Moon is thus the trigger mechanism of the solar system. It conjoins the Sun once each month in the Sun's zodiacal sign.

In their subsequent cycle together the Moon waxes and wanes. As it waxes, it symbolically carries out the unifying purpose of the Sun and conveys it to all the other planets, including the Earth. As the Moon wanes, it symbolically gathers in the harvest of experience and stores it as memory, precedence, and tradition. As the Moon waxes and wanes it also regulates the tides on Earth, and as feelings are symbolized by water the Moon's motion represents the rhythmic ebb and flow of public moods.

The motions of the Moon around the Earth also carry it alternately inside the Earth's orbit toward the orbit of Venus, then outside the Earth's orbit toward the orbit of Mars. This is a symbol of regular flux between introversion and extroversion, between objective activity and subjective reflection.

Thus the Moon represents our capacity to respond to life in a rhythmic way, to our day-to-day and hour-to-hour capacity to flow with, indeed to dance with, what life brings.  


Leyla Rael



Keynote: Feelings are hidden but intense.

Symbol: A psychoanalyst helps his patient relive the past.

The genius of the Moon/Scorpio person lies in their ability to see into the depths of things. This is a natural psychologist who can bring out the best or worst in people and who appreciates the power of the unconscious factors which motivate everyday behavior.

They are apt to be preoccupied with sex, and their problems frequently have obscure sexual origins.

Although highly charged emotionally, they may be so deeply reserved that they betray no sign of the tumult of feelings which fight for control over their nature. This inner pressure keeps them restlessly on the go despite a tightly maintained control over their instincts.

Often the most vital part of their life is carried on below the surface in fantasies and in dreams. Because their psychic energies are engaged in the task of self-exploration rather than in practical work.

The Moon is in its fall in Scorpio because the lunar function of growth is incompatible with the signís function of elimination. The Moon rules the public while Scorpio holds sway over such strictly private matters as generally pertain to the bedroom or bathroom.

Lunar Scorpions are reticent about their personal affairs - often with good reason. They prefer jobs where they can shut themselves in private offices and work quietly and efficiently away from the spotlight of attention and the intrusions of strangers.

The lunar Scorpionís capacity for dogged persistence makes them willing to tackle difficult but essential jobs. They like to be by the sea or large bodies of water, and prosper in businesses relating to liquor or liquids.

Because the watery or psychic element is so prominent in their nature, they are liable to go to emotional extremes. Sex becomes an issue, not only because the appetites are insistent, but because the primary libidinal drive may be diverted into devious channels, resulting in strange impulses, compulsions, and fetishes.

There is a danger of turning to drugs, alcohol, or promiscuity in order to release pent-up feelings. However, when the deep-seated forces of the personality are given legitimate outlets, lunar Scorpions become faithful workers for causes in which they invest themselves body, mind, and soul.

This position can show a peculiarly difficult life. The problems that boil to the surface may seem inexplicable, but to the esotericist they represent karmic liabilities brought over from a previous existence. Hence they are unavoidable and inexorable in their demand for remedial action.

Unconsciously, these people can chose to expiate former transgressions and to purify their nature through suffering. Sooner or later, they find themselves forced to renounce something they crave or to which they have become compulsively attached, as they learn to relinquish sensual satisfaction in order to regenerate themselves from within.

The emotional energy resources, which are strong when the Sun or Ascendant sign is Scorpio, are in some ways even more potent with a Scorpio Moon. They will surface at once when challenged, and the response to all kinds of situations is influenced in an extremely powerful way.

Because the feelings are so instantly on tap, one can over-react when provoked; all kinds of reactions, both positive and negative, will be laced with vivid emotion. There may be outbursts which will surprise those confronted with them, since other areas of the personality usually present a very different sort of person.

This placing boosts not only emotional but also physical energy, which adds determination and the instinctive urge to achieve. They can also encourage others (particularly loved ones) to achieve more.

It is important that the individual realize how many situations in life will prompt an instinctive response of jealousy. The Moon in Scorpio may well loathe expressing any form of jealousy, but will simply not be able to help it. Again, it is the powerful influence of the Moon encouraging an immediate response and reaction.

If these extremely powerful sources of emotional energy and intuition can be channeled in positive directions, there will be great inner strength and resourcefulness.


Astrology, the Divine Science