Where the face of the Earth is turned away from the light of the Sun, there the Moon shines, reminding us of solar purpose by brilliantly reflecting the Sun's light. The Moon moves about 12 or 13 times faster than the Sun; it travels through the zodiac once every 27 and 1/3 days. The Moon is thus the trigger mechanism of the solar system. It conjoins the Sun once each month in the Sun's zodiacal sign.

In their subsequent cycle together the Moon waxes and wanes. As it waxes, it symbolically carries out the unifying purpose of the Sun and conveys it to all the other planets, including the Earth. As the Moon wanes, it symbolically gathers in the harvest of experience and stores it as memory, precedence, and tradition. As the Moon waxes and wanes it also regulates the tides on Earth, and as feelings are symbolized by water the Moon's motion represents the rhythmic ebb and flow of public moods.

The motions of the Moon around the Earth also carry it alternately inside the Earth's orbit toward the orbit of Venus, then outside the Earth's orbit toward the orbit of Mars. This is a symbol of regular flux between introversion and extroversion, between objective activity and subjective reflection.

Thus the Moon represents our capacity to respond to life in a rhythmic way, to our day-to-day and hour-to-hour capacity to flow with, indeed to dance with, what life brings.


Leyla Rael



Keynote: Feelings are disciplined and restrained.

Symbol: An elegantly attired older woman studies her family genealogy.

At best, the Moon in Capricorn translates responsiveness into a sense of responsibility. At worst, it is coldly indifferent to human sentiments. Since the Moon is in detriment in Saturn’s sign, this placement may diminish the capacity for feeling and response.

Unswervingly ambitious, these people are often wedded to their work. Since they have a tendency to rely on authority and to cling to precedent as a guide, the early years are especially important in structuring the pattern of their personalities.

Frequently, they encounter troubles in childhood owing to the inadequacy of one or both parents, although their problems generally relate to the mother.

Whatever the source of their malaise, lunar Capricornians are often haunted by the feeling that their lives are predestined to be austere and difficult. This sense of being a pawn of fate can lend them a sense of solitary remoteness.

Outwardly, they may be poised and charming but inwardly they are beset by fears, melancholy moods, and shyness.

The Moon is so sensitive and Capricorn so weighty that the unconcious mind can be indelibly imprinted with whatever complex – usually involving power or work – Saturn determines to stamp upon it.

A rigorous adherence to duty may stem from a sense of being ‘chosen’ which is so compelling that there seems to be no choice except to take the hard way out and tackle an awesome job head on.

Thus, though this is considered a difficult placement, it can lead to remarkable accomplishment.

Less competent people with the Moon in Capricorn can easily become frustrated, depressed, or resentful of the burdens thrust upon their shoulders. Sometimes their trouble stems from a hidden pride which can impart a strong desire to gain status and be noticed by others. When this drive is thwarted, it can be distorted into cringing servility, a martyr complex, or even political fanaticism.

This placement is decidedly more difficult for women than for men. The Moon should be motherly, soft, and yielding, but Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn is hard and authoritarian. The effect may be to force the mother to abandon her biological role and become the family disciplinarian and breadwinner.

A Moon/Saturn combination can promote the interests of a dedicated career woman but she will have to make a special effort to retain her feminine charm.

Men of this type are apt to marry older women. Frequently, they do not find much emotional fulfillment in marriage, although it may advance their careers.

They are likely to succeed in public affairs, business, or any enterprise in which they can take command. These individuals may have considerable scientific ability but this will usually be directed toward the physical rather than the theoretical sciences.

Theirs is a cautious ambition which seldom neglects the security of the family and prefers not to take unnecessary chances.

Lunar Capricorns should examine their deeper motives in order to make sure they know why they want what they want. They need to guard against acting out of blind compulsion or in compensation for emotional lacks.  

They have the ability to materialize their plans and ideas. Therefore they must use the utmost care to use their powers for worthwhile purposes.


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