After the sphere of Venus, outward-bound solar power passes through the sphere of the Earth. Here it develops as the life energy (prana or chi) which animates the biosphere and its material organizations. The Earth is a pivotal planet in our view of the solar system, for we see and interpret the solar system from earth.

Our picture of the solar system is thus an earthly picture, made possible by our particular position and function in the solar system. The Earth is presumably the only place in our solar system where organic life as we know it develops, where a certain type of material organization is animated by spirit and develops a certain type of consciousness. As life in human beings develops a sense of self, this sense of self has to express itself through action.

This action is what Mars symbolizes. It thus represents the mobilization of energy, the capacity to do and to assert oneself. Mars has often been considered a negative symbol in astrology, but the capacities Mars represents are in themselves neither constructive nor destructive. Much depends on the value the Venus function gives to experience, whether Mars is activated in reactionary 'fight or flight,' or if it operates positively to carry out the directives of a centralizing will.

Nevertheless, where Mars' capacity to do is activated, so too may develop a tendency to force issues and overdo, especially when doing compensates for insecurity or frustration. In such cases, the negative aspects of Mars may operate as recklessness, argumentativeness, vindictiveness, or even open hostility.  


Leyla Rael



Keynote: Energy is utilized in practical persevering ways.

Symbol: A bulldozer razes a site for an industrial development.

Since Taurus is the bull and Mars is the color red, Mars in Taurus can be expected to produce displays of temper or ‘seeing red’. Yet the word ‘temper’ means more than a fiery outburst or sudden tantrum. A blade of steel is tempered by fire into an effective cutting instrument. Justice is tempered by mercy to make it psychologically equitable.

Thus, the individual whose disposition is tempered by Mars in Taurus may have to decide whether they will smolder with resentment over real or imagined injustices, or whether they will burn with zeal to right wrongs and to shape the rude clay of Earth into more adequate forms.

Despite the harshness of the impact of Mars upon the obdurate material of Taurus, this is a felicitous combination for worldly achievement. It impels the subject to plow through resistance and to test their strength against obstacles, even though they may be forced to confront their antagonists by burning bridges behind them.

Sometimes one may feel they have been compelled to fight for everything they gain, and in moments of discouragement may wonder if their victories have been worth the struggle. Nevertheless, they have the courage to endure, regardless of privations.

The person with Mars in Taurus prefers practical tasks to those of an abstract nature. They want to move mountains, to make money, and to construct an impregnable bastion of security. Not for them are moralizing, philosophizing, or rationalizing debates as to what to do or not do.

Once they see the need for action they will push with bull-dozer like persistence toward a successful outcome to their endeavors. Yet all too often, having obtained the desired objective, they unwittingly allow it to slip from their grasp.

Even in their lowest moments, however, they find that, just as there are fires smoldering deep in the heart of the earth which periodically blaze into activity, this person too can summon up a resurgence of the will-to-win which enables them to move resolutely forward again.

Any Mars/Venus combination is liable to produce a strongly sexed individual. In this case, where the erotic energy of Mars is grounded in the earthy nature of Venus-ruled Taurus, the instinctive drive of the planet can be subverted into overbearing arrogance, unreasoning jealousy, and fierce possessiveness.

The effect of Mars in Taurus can be like an underground explosion which, by turning up the emotions, destroys the hope of attaining the most coveted rewards by undermining the stable foundations upon which all accomplishment must rest.

The compulsion to obtain and retain material things often betrays a power complex. Such a person may be extremely generous, but only as long as the reins of authority are in their hands and they are the disputed lord over that which they consider to be their own.

While Venus in Taurus inclines to cooperate with nature, Mars in Taurus determines to conquer it. These people court challenges and have the rugged strength to meet them.

Engineering, construction work, and enterprises which reshape the contours of the earth can absorb their attention.

This is a marvelous placing for those who participate in heavy team games or the heavier sports in general - boxing, wrestling or weightlifting, for instance. Thinking of the Venus influence on Taurus, this is a good, strong placing for a dancer, since discipline and routine are essential for such a profession and, for the men, a great deal of weightlifting is involved.

The effect on health can be a tendency to feverishness and a vulnerability to throat infections.

All planets in detriment imply contradictory behavior. Mars in Taurus can be alternately peaceful and aggressive, stoical and self-indulgent, generous and grasping. Control is possible, however, if the person with this turn-about temperament can remain steadfast in the conviction that the only really worthwhile possession is their own mind and soul.

They have the strength of character to achieve their basic objectives. Therefore, it is especially important for this individual to understand the deeper desires which motivate them to action, and to make sure that the goals they seek justify the effort expended in reaching them.  


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