After passing through the sphere of Mars, the outward tide of solar power passes through the sphere of the asteroids. This is not the sphere of one revolving planet, but of a swarm of tiny, almost unrelated chunks of matter. Some say the asteroids are debris from what was previously a planet, which met with a sufficiently dire internal or external disaster to blow it to smithereens. In the symbolism of the solar system, the asteroid belt represents the kind of non-integration that results if the impulsiveness and individualistic aggression of Mars run rampant and unchecked.

The function of Jupiter is to integrate according to spiritual principles whatever is or has become scattered and unrelated. Jupiter operates most positively when it organizes the actions and accomplishments of individuals into a meaningful, self-sustaining whole. Thus, in cooperation with the many, one flourishes. Although the keyword usually associated with Jupiter is expansion, Jupiter fundamentally symbolizes social participation. We can call this expansion if by expansion we mean the acceptance of individual efforts by the community. This is the kind of social success Jupiter can represent.

On the other hand, individuals can expand their activities into society according to the 'law of the fish:' big fish eat little fish. This is the negative type of expansion Jupiter can represent when social participation operates as a compensation for personal insecurity. Then Jupiter's sense of fellowship may turn into unrestrained ambition for recognition at all costs, and visionary projects may be compromised by expediency.  


Leyla Rael



Keynote: Understanding develops out of sympathetic response to feelings.

Symbol: A hostess graciously receives guests at an open-house party.

People born with Jupiter in Cancer have a knack for accumulating household possessions. They love to entertain at home, and are charitable and benevolent to all who stir their sympathies. This is a fortunate position, conferring kindly, protective instincts and a tendency to dote on one's family.

When Jupiter is well aspected, astute financial judgment is augmented by sheer good luck. These people often receive money they have not been obliged to earn. They benefit through inheritance and through associations with women. The bread which Jupiter casts forth upon Cancerian waters returns transformed into cake, frosted and accompanied by ice cream.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer because the principle of expansion is naturally compatible with the sign of nutrition and growth. The time of maximum growth occurs during the childhood period associated with Cancer's ruling planet, the Moon.

Jupiter is the surmounting force in things which enables them to increase in an orderly manner. Its multiplication of particulars into generalities is more than a reproduction of separate uncoordinated units; it demonstrates progressive organization and intelligence. 

The disease known as "cancer," in which cells undergo an insane proliferation without regard for the larger organism they are supposed to serve, is an instance where the Jupiterian function of planned expansion has gone awry. There is, however, no statistical evidence associating the disease with the sign of the same name.

People having Jupiter, the planet of faith, in Cancer, sign of the home, usually have a deeply embedded religious orientation absorbed from their parents and from early associations with churches and church-going people. They tend to emphasize the socially constructive aspects of religion and to endorse the idea that "the family that prays together, stays together." The ritual of formal church services accompanied by singing, and enhanced by flowers and colorful vestments, appeals to their emotions and helps them to feel that they are participating in a meaningful way of life. Even when their religion is but a bow to tradition, it suffuses them with a satisfying sense of group solidarity and of being sustained by something larger than themselves.

Jupiter's affinity for feminine Cancer is corroborated by the phenomenon that, in most cultures, women are the mainstay of the church. The priest also plays a protective role as shepherd and confessor to his flock. Cancer is the sign of the masses whose fundamentally conservative instincts support the moral rectitude of Jupiter.

Since Cancer concerns nutrition, many religious rituals, such as the sacrament of the Eucharist, are climaxed by a mass partaking of food and drink. The rite of eating together gives a sense of being involved in a community of shared purposes and ideals. Hence, the popularity of church suppers and bazaars for fund raising. Indeed, most organized social life revolves around brunches, lunches, teas, dinners, and cocktail parties.

People with Jupiter in Cancer generally are genial hosts and hostesses who are well suited, even on a professional basis, to coordinate the many facets of social protocol with the culinary complexities that contribute to the making of a festive occasion. Consequently, they are often found in clubs, hotels, bars, and restaurants, dispensing refreshments in an attractive setting.

The intimate connection between Jupiter, planet of religion, and Cancer, sign of increase, accounts for the traditional opposition of the church to birth control, despite its historical view of sex as "original sin." The Christian Jupiterian has tended to feel that if sex were really a sin, the Bible would not have quoted God's blessing on Noah and his son's as, "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth." Their attitude is that it should be possible to enjoy the best of both material and spiritual worlds. Since their mind and instincts are not divided, they are likely to prosper and enjoy their gains without guilt. They are convinced that man was made to consume the gifts of nature and their childlike faith does wonders to ensure their supply of daily bread.  


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